Lawnforum Events December 2016

What a busy couple of weeks! This season’s Lawnforum events are now over and I’m pleased to say that they were once again successful and very well-received.

We started off on Thursday the 1st December with our first event held at Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford, Somerset. Then on Tuesday 6th December, we made our way to Haydock Park Racecourse in Newton-le-Willows for the second event. Both events were well attended and everyone found the two industry-specific presentations informative and inspiring.

Daisy and Adam

Adam Lewis delivered an insightful and engaging presentation on how to grow your business with social media. He demonstrated how social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to improve the quantity and quality of new enquiries. Attendees were also given a wealth of tips and tricks, including free websites and low-cost services, that can be used to make quality content with a small time investment.  Adam inspired everyone to start using social media, even if they had already tried and failed in the past!

Lawnforum attendees

After a sociable tea and coffee break, I then gave a talk on soil biology in lawns. I described the variety of organisms living in the soil and how they interact to support grass plants and maintain a healthy lawn. Since pest control methods have been a popular topic this year, I also explained the theory behind some of the natural products that are now on offer in the industry. To finish, we looked at why liquid/granular fertilisers are still needed even when the soil system is in good health and why the nutrient ratio of fertiliser is important.


There was plenty of discussion at the event, the attendees were happy to share their experiences and advice. Popular topics included our recent moss-digesting trial product and the herbicides that were being used by the attendees and the results they were getting from them. Discussions continued through lunch and freebies and SmartLawn Fertiliser brochures were handed out before everyone departed.

I would like to thank everyone that attended the events and for their encouraging comments on the events and the SmartLawn product range. GreenBest will continue to support UK lawn care businesses by providing innovative products and events and looks forward to being a part of this growing industry.

Daisy Lacey BSc(Hons)
Sales and Product Development
GreenBest Ltd

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