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Winter Lawn Care – 5 Tips to pass on to your customers now!

The job of a lawn care professional is to apply and carry out the necessary treatments that enable a lawn to be healthy and green. However, in order to achieve the perfect lawn customers will need to help out too! If your services do not include mowing, edging and leaf sweeping then these must be done by the customer. Here are 5 important tips to pass on to your customers to help them look after their lawns this winter.

1. Keep off the lawn when frosty

Frost does not pose a significant threat to the long-term health of lawns but walking on them when frosted can do visible damage. At such low temperatures, the plants are in a delicate state, walking on them will cause damage to the leaves and affect the overall appearance of the lawn. The lawn is also likely to be in a dormant state so the damage will take far longer than usual to be repaired.

2. Keep the lawn free from leaves and debris

Light is in short supply during the winter. Any leaves or fallen branches lying on the lawn can quickly cause the grass underneath to die back leaving unsightly yellow or bare patches. If sensible for the species in question, pruning overhanging trees and/or shrubs is also a good idea to allow more light to reach the lawn.

3. Get the mower serviced early

Hardly anyone is thinking about their garden machinery right now, it’s the perfect time for your customers to service their mowers before the rush in the spring. Encourage them to check the sharpness of the blades every month. A clean cut makes a lot of difference to the look and health of a lawn.

4. Don’t panic when it snows… or if it floods!

Snow is not ideal for lawns but trying to remove it is likely to do more harm than good to the grass underneath. Tell your customers to sit back, enjoy the view and keep warm! Children will cause some damage when they play in the snow but it’s very difficult to deny them the experience, customers might as well make the most of it and go out and join in the fun!

A small flood will not permanently harm a lawn, if the water is gone within a week then the grass will return to normal relatively quickly. If the flood lasts longer than a week there may be a problem, you will have to investigate the lawn once the water is gone to assess the damage. Encourage customers to avoid walking on sodden lawns as this can easily damage and compact them.


“It’s had its last cut of the year” is a phrase we hear a lot when the temperature drops in late autumn. Although grass is dormant in the colder months it does grow albeit very slowly. Customers should raise the mowing height and keep mowing at least every other week when not frosty. Only a small amount of clippings will be removed but the lawn will be left invigorated, neat and tidy. Of course, mowing in the snow is not advised!

If your customer’s lawns are in need of a colour boost during the winter a treatment containing iron is a good option. The SmartLawn range includes a selection of granular products suitable for this time of year including Black and Green and Rich Green as well as Liquid Iron or Soluble Iron. If you need any help or advice on when or how to use these products please get in touch with us!

Daisy Lacey BSc(Hons)
Sales and Product Development
GreenBest Ltd

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