UK Lawn Care Association conference 8th-9th February 2017

The UK Lawn Care Association’s annual conference took place this year on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of February at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre near Marlow. This year the conference was a two-day event filled with a variety of speakers and exhibitors, all relevant to the lawn care industry. The event was well attended by more than 60 delegates making it the largest lawn care gathering of it’s kind in the UK!


During the event, myself and Simon Gillett were on hand in the exhibitor’s room to answer all questions about SmartLawn fertilisers and GreenBest Ltd. Delegates were able to pick up printed copies of our new product guide and help themselves to a complimentary SmartLawn conference folder and notepad! These were especially popular with those that had forgotten to bring their own writing paper as the talks given by the speakers contained lots of useful information so note taking was important.

Speakers at the conference included Brian Baciglupo from Real Green Systems, Professor John Moverly from the UK Amenity Forum and Dr Colin Mumford from Bayer, myself and others. Other exhibitors include Agrigem, DLF Seeds and Science, Headland Amenity and Rigby Taylor.


Lawn Care Fertilisers:  A history, evolution and future


This year I was invited by the UKLCA to speak about the history, evolution and future of lawn fertilisers. After sifting through old GreenBest files and after discussion with colleagues I was able to recount to the delegates how we have seen lawn fertilisers change over the last 20 years. I also explained to the delegates where lawn care, as a service, first started and how it made it’s way to the UK in the 1990’s. To finish, I shared some of my thoughts on products we may see in the future and how feedback from our customers will shape these changes.

On Wednesday evening, and following my presentation, GreenBest held a complimentary drinks hour which allowed the delegates to network and discuss their experiences over a drink or two. This got the evening off to a great start and everyone enjoyed the chance to make some new connections within their industry.

Overall the feedback from the conference was very positive and there appears to be great enthusiasm for the UKLCA to continue holding two-day events like this one. GreenBest is looking forward to offering our support to this association and its members in order to help develop and improve the fertiliser and knowledge offering for this growing industry.


GreenBest has been manufacturing fertiliser for lawn care for nearly 20 years. If you are interested in what we can do for your lawn care business please get in touch with a member of the sales team at GreenBest Ltd

Daisy Lacey BSc(Hons)
Sales and Product Development
GreenBest Ltd


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