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How to choose a spring fertiliser

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year in professional lawn care; the combination of fertiliser applications, scarifications and weed treatments makes it an action packed season! Whilst you plan your work it helps to know you have chosen a fertiliser that will perform as expected and help create the perfect lawn that your customers are looking for.

What nutrient levels should you go for?

Spring is the season for growth so it’s vital to choose a fertiliser with plenty of nitrogen; this will support healthy, green growth. A product with 20-28% nitrogen is perfect providing it is formulated for at least 3 months longevity. If planning to apply a product with only 4-6 weeks longevity a product with 6-12% nitrogen is more appropriate. Applying too much nitrogen can scorch the lawn or may lead to your customer having to mow the lawn every day.

How long should your spring fertiliser last?

SmartLawn Lawn Fertiliser supplier fertiliser manufacturer wholesale fertiliserWhen it comes to your spring treatment, it is important to choose a product that provides the right longevity for your treatment programme. As most professional treatment programmes contain 4/5 treatments per year, a product with 3 months longevity is perfect for the spring. The fertiliser should provide nutrients, maintain colour and health of the lawn until you return for the next application. The XCU™ slow-release nitrogen in our Ultimate 22-5-10 +2.5%MgO 50%XCU™ fertiliser is one of the most reliable slow-release products on the market and can provide a steady release of nitrogen for up to 12 weeks.

What initial effect do you want it to give?

After a fertiliser application, your customer might expect to see an initial improvement in the colour of the lawn or an increase in the growth rate of the lawn; if this is the case it is a good idea to choose a fertiliser that provides these effects. A spring fertiliser that is formulated with a combination of slow and fast release nitrogen will provide the initial colour and growth response required to reassure your customer that a high-quality professional product has been applied.

Ultimate 22-5-10 +2.5%MgO 50%XCU™ is formulated with a balance of slow and fast-release nitrogen to give impressive initial effects followed by 3 months longevity. The added magnesium is included to facilitate the production of chlorophyll within the leaf helping to give the lawn a lush green colour.

The products described above are suitable for spring treatments once the soil temperature reaches 5°C (41°F), if you are thinking about applying a fertiliser earlier in the year then we strongly advise using a product with a lower nitrogen level (such as First and Last or AutumnGreen)

Regardless of the time of year, if you would like to discuss your treatment programme with a member of our team please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling +44(0)1963 364788. Our sales team are knowledgeable in all areas of turf nutrition and will be able to help you choose the correct products for your business.

Daisy Lacey BSc(Hons)
Sales and Product Development
GreenBest Ltd

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