Spring lawn care tips for your customers!

Much of the UK professional lawn care industry is already carrying out or are planning to carry out their spring lawn treatments soon. Spring is the time of year when the garden comes back to life and your customers will want to start enjoying their lawn again. Here are some tips to pass on to your customers this spring to help them make the most of the season and get that perfect lawn in no time…

1. Check your mower

The mowing season is about to start and soon your customers will need to be mowing at least once per week. Now is the time for them to give the mower a quick service and sharpen the blades. There are many lawn mower servicing guides available on the internet and they are also often provided by the manufacturer. Rotary mowers will likely need their blades removing before they can be sharpened and some hover-vacs with plastic blades are likely to need them replaced.

2. Get the “right height”

Lawns can be mowed as needed right through the winter (as long as it’s not frosty) but in many cases, your customer may not have mown their lawn for a couple of months. Make sure they are aware that when it’s time to start mowing again they should not have the blades set too low or this could damage the lawn. It is preferable to start on the highest setting and work down one “notch” every other mow. They should be aiming to remove no more than 1/3 of height each time.

3. Check the rest of the garden

Lawns depend on sunlight to stay strong and healthy. If your customer has overgrown trees or shrubs that are causing the lawn to thin then this may be the perfect time to do something about it. Many trees benefit from a spring prune and doing this helps the air flow through the garden making turf diseases less likely.

4. Be aware of treatments

If you are treating your customer’s lawns with iron sulphate this spring (e.g. soluble iron or Black and Green) then it is good practice to warn them about possible staining issues. Iron sulphate is great for lawn treatments but can quickly stain hard surfaces such as patios, driveways and decking when it rusts. Walking across a freshly treated lawn, especially when wet, will transfer some of the product onto areas where it is not wanted including the home! This also applies to dogs and/or children that may wish to play on the lawn. Although the iron is not harmful in the quantities used, it is difficult to remove the stains once they are there. Advise your customers to wait for the treatment to be washed in by rain and allow the lawn to dry before making the most of it. If the worst happens we do stock a couple of stain removal products that might be of use.


Spring is when many UK lawn care businesses are at their busiest. It is also the best time of year to pick up new customers as the public begins to think about their gardens again after the winter. If you haven’t started already, it may be the perfect time to start advertising your services, especially to those in the same neighbourhood as your existing customers.

If you need any advice on lawn treatments this time of year, or if you have a question about iron staining please get in touch! You can email us at info@smartlawnfertiliser.co.uk or call us on 01963 364788.

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