What are lawn wetting agents for?

Wetting agents are surfactants that are specifically designed for use on lawns to help them “wet” easily and evenly. They have long been used in the golf industry, but they are now becoming more popular in professional lawn care as they offer some attractive benefits.

What is the problem?

Over time soil can become hydrophobic; this means it is less able to absorb and retain water. Soils become hydrophobic because of normal biological processes in the soil such as fungal growth and thatch degradation. This often happens in patches and leads to Localised Dry Patch (LDP), this is when water cannot penetrate the hydrophobic areas and so the lawn loses its colour in patches.


Dry Patch

Dry patches in the soil prevent water from spreading evenly throughout the soil leading to patchy colour and growth of the lawn.

How do wetting agents relieve localised dry patch?

Wetting agents are designed to help fix hydrophobicity in turf, they make it easier for the soil to absorb and hold water. When applied to the whole lawn the wetting agent will allow water to move freely and quickly through the soil. It will also allow rain and irrigated water to be absorbed quickly to prevent run-off, flooding and wasted money. A series of treatments with wetting agents will remedy the effects of dry patches and help maintain a healthy lawn with even growth and colour.

What are the other benefits of wetting agents?

Wetting agents will help keep lawns greener for longer in the summer. Soil that has been treated with a wetting agent will not only absorb rain quickly but it will hold onto it better allowing the grass to stay hydrated and absorb vital nutrients from the soil (including your fertiliser!). Untreated and tired soils will not absorb water as easily meaning the valuable water could run off the lawn and down the drain.

How are wetting agents applied?

Liquid product such as our SmartLawn Wetting Agent can be applied with a knapsack or push sprayer. Ideally they should be watered in with plenty of water to allow the product to spread through the soil evenly. For best results, we recommend that you apply wetting agent as a preventative measure to lawns that are known to have trouble with water management. An application in spring followed by a second treatment in summer is ideal to prepare the soil for possible drought conditions in the warmer months.

Our lawn wetting agent is non-scorch and can be applied alongside most granular fertilisers and can even be tank mixed with most liquid feeds. The product is completely biodegradable and will break down naturally in the soil after 90 days (hence the need for reapplication). For more information about the product, including application rates, please click here.

If you have any further questions about our wetting agent or any of our other products please get in touch, we are happy to chat and advise.

Call us on 01963 364788 or email sales@smartlawnfertiliser.co.uk


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