What does a biostimulant do?

Biostimulants are growing in popularity very quickly, especially in the turf management industry; they have a wide range of benefits that make economic and environmental sense. They are usually made with natural ingredients, are generally low in nutrient value, and are used to improve plant health, colour and vigour.

Here’s a quick overview of the main benefits associated with using biostimulant products on lawns.

Simulates growth

Many biostimulants are low in nutrients but are able to stimulate plant growth in other ways. They can help increase nutrient uptake efficiency to improve the effects of applied fertiliser treatments. This means you get better results from your fertiliser treatments as fewer nutrients are lost to soil leaching.

Biostimulants are ideal for application anytime during the growing period or after scarification when strong, healthy growth is required.

Improves health

Biostimulants can also improve lawn health, reducing the need for hazardous plant protection chemicals. Depending on the type of biostimulant they may directly improve plant health and disease resistance and/or improve soil health. Healthier lawns are greener lawns and greener lawns make happier customers.

Reduces stress

Biostimulants are generally excellent at relieving lawn stress caused by extreme conditions such as drought and frost. Lawns that have been treated with biostimulants (even just once) stay greener for longer in drought conditions and bounce back quicker when the drought is over.

Applying a biostimulant just before the summer or prior to winter will help the lawn cope better with the approaching weather conditions.

Which products in the SmartLawn range are biostimulants?

There are currently two biostimulant products in the SmartLawn fertiliser range. For more information about each one please click the links below or click here to request a FREE product guide.

Seaweed Extract 

Seaweed has been used to improve plant growth for generations, it is one of the most popular biostimulant materials available today. It contains a natural source of trace elements, amino acids and plant hormones which help improve growth and health of the lawn.

Liquid ONYX™

This product is a unique biostimulant product made by GreenBest for use on all turf. It is made from plant extracts and contains plant nutrients and sugars in addition to a wide range of amino acids. Liquid Onyx™ is ideal for maintaining healthy soil and a healthy lawn.

You can also find a granular version of Onyx™ biostimulant in our best-selling summer fertiliser Droughtsafe 19-3-9!

Onyx liquid organic biostimulant fertiliser splash sm

Liquid Onyx

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