Lawnforum event proved useful for lawn care professionals

Yesterday (29th November 2017) GreenBest held their sixth Lawnforum event in Mere, Cheshire. The venue was conveniently located near the M6 and M56 allowing lawn care professionals from the whole of Cheshire and surrounding counties to attend.

The morning started with an in-depth look at lawn nutrition with Daisy Lacey of GreenBest Ltd. After giving a brief lesson on plant biology, Daisy talked through profiles of each nutrient needed by lawns and then linked them to fertiliser use. There was lots of information to take in so luckily the delegates had been given notepads on which to record their thoughts!

After a coffee break and some networking time, the delegates were treated to a talk about integrated weed management and herbicides by Adam Martin of Sherborne Turf Ltd. Adam shared his experience in turf growing and lawn care with the delegates and gave some useful information on how best to manage weeds, both initially with the correct herbicide product and later on with good lawn management.

There was time before lunch for discussion as a group, topics covered included the treatment of leather jackets and chafer grubs with nematodes, use of biostimulants such as seaweed and Onyx and the future of the herbicide and pesticide market. Everyone began to see how group meetings such as these are a useful resource for the UK professional lawn care industry. Sharing information and promoting best practice will help move the industry forward and grow in a sustainable way.

The next professional lawn care event that GreenBest will attend is the annual conference held by the UK Lawn Care Association. Find out more about the UKLCA conference on our events page or by contacting the association directly.

Did you know? GreenBest can also offer bespoke training days for groups of lawn care professionals. Find out more about this service on our events page.

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