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Three easy steps to start designing your new treatment plan

Whether you have been running your lawn care business for 15 years or are just starting out, your treatments are the core of the service you offer, it’s vital to get them right for you and your customers.

The task can seem daunting at first, especially if you are new to the industry. It will be a little easier if you have some experience as you will already know what changes you are looking for. Whether you’re totally redesigning your plan or just reviewing it, here are three easy questions to help you get started…

1.  How many times per year do you want to visit the lawn?

The industry standard is 4-6 visits per year but depends largely on the service you are offering. You don’t have to fertilise on every visit and you can combine weed treatments/ aerations/ scarifications on visits or you can separate them out. Bear in mind the costs associated with travel to and from site and set-up time as these will have an effect on how much you charge your customers. Your USP (unique selling point) will influence your pricing and service structure so consider this carefully.

2. What kind of products do you prefer to work with?

The vast majority of professional lawn feeds are applied in granular form, they are longer-lasting and can be easier to apply. If you have some experience in professional lawn care you will know what nutrient levels you prefer to work with, if not then it’s best to start with a standard product applied at standard rates and adjust according to your experiences.

If you plan to apply Iron Sulphate in the colder months you should think about whether you prefer to do this as a liquid or a granular treatment. Read our article on iron sulphate application here.

3. When will you scarify and aerate the lawns? (and how often?)

Scarification and aeration are important treatments that you will need to carry out on the lawns that you treat, they do not always need doing every year but cannot be neglected long-term. The timing of these will need careful consideration and you may like to combine them with feeds or other treatments. Read our article on scarification timing here.

What next?

Now that you have made a start, you can start to think about the finer details. Think about your pricing structure and selling points as these are quite important. Try drawing out a plan on a calendar whilst taking the product longevities and application recommendations into account. We have some suggested plans available here and in our product guide, if you need any further help you can always contact a member of the sales team who will be more than happy to run through it with you!

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