Is lawn fertiliser safe for use with pets?

We always get asked whether the SmartLawn lawn fertiliser products that we sell are safe for use with pets. It’s natural for your customers to question this and they may have concerns that need addressing. I hope I have answered your questions below, but if not, please call and speak to a member of the GreenBest sales team for more advice; we are always happy to advise!

Please note: the following advice relates to SmartLawn fertilisers only. For information on herbicides, or other plant protection products, please contact your supplier.


Cats and Dogs

All of our lawn fertilisers are safe for use with dogs and cats. When used at the recommended application rate they do not pose a threat to the health of the animal. We do recommend that liquid iron applications are allowed to dry before pets have access and that granular fertiliser containing iron is allowed 1-2 days for granules to settle below the grass blades (First & Last, Liquid Iron). This is mainly to avoid staining issues, as iron sulphate will cause staining on any hard surface it is transferred to, even light-coloured pet hair!

Cats and dogs (and children!) should never have access to open containers of fertiliser.


Guineapigs and Rabbits

If you are using one of our granular fertilisers without any iron content (such as Ultimate, DroughtSafe or AutumnGreen) then rabbits and guineapigs may have access to the area immediately. We do not recommend the use of fertilisers containing iron sulphate where guineapigs and rabbits are grazing and we advise against the use of liquid iron products as they could be harmful if eaten in significant quantity. If you need to use these products then the animals should be kept off the lawn for at least 2 weeks.



Chickens spend their days scratching around in the soil for tasty grubs and insects to eat. Because they do not have teeth to chew their food, they rely on grit in their stomachs to aid digestion. It is possible that chickens will occasionally pick up fertiliser granules mistaking them for grit, for this reason, we generally advise caution when using any fertiliser treatment around chickens. Ideally, they should be confined to an untreated area of the garden until at least 2 weeks after application. This should allow enough time for the granules to be thoroughly washed into the soil by rain.

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