Blended vs Homogeneous

We often get asked about the differences between blended and homogeneous fertilisers. GreenBest can offer both and we are happy to help you choose depending on your requirements. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand both types…

6-5-10 Fe

 What is a blended fertiliser?

A simple mix of two or more different materials. The granules vary in NPK and the product is usually multicoloured.

e.g. SmartLawn Ultimate

green and black

What is a homogeneous fertiliser?

Extra processing means that every single granule contains the same nutrients. Homogeneous fertilisers should be one colour.

e.g. SmartLawn Black & Green

Manufacturing flexibility

The minimum order size on blended fertilisers is many times lower than for homogeneous fertilisers. This means we can manufacture small batches of product as and when they are needed.

Nutrient coverage

Blends of larger granule size are at a disadvantage when used below recommended application rates because they can lead to speckling of the lawn. Homogeneous fertilisers can usually be spread thinner to save money and still get adequate coverage. In both cases, the smaller the granule size, the better.

Carbon Footprint

Blended fertilisers are simply mixed according to the current recipe and then packaged as required. Homogenous fertilisers require blended ingredients to then be formed into granules and dried or set with heat before they can be packaged. This process takes more time and more energy, meaning a higher carbon footprint per kg of finished goods.


Homogenous fertilisers are often more expensive to buy because they are more costly to produce. Depending on your requirements the extra cost may not be necessary as a blend will do just as well.

Ease of application

Regardless of whether a fertiliser is a blended or homogeneous product it should always flow freely and spread evenly. The granules should be a consistent size and the level of dust should be as low as possible.


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