How much fertiliser do I need?

There are two main questions we get asked when it comes to fertiliser quantities… what is the application rate of the fertiliser? and how much fertiliser do I need to buy? GreenBest is always happy to help you with questions like this, but if you want to know how to work these out yourself then please keep reading!

What is the application rate of my fertiliser?

The recommended application rate of any fertiliser should appear on its label. For granular treatments, the standard rate is usually between 250 and 350 kgs per hectare (or 25-35 grams per square metre). Application rates of liquid fertilisers can vary drastically so it’s always worth checking the label or asking when purchasing the product. It’s important to get the right rate on the lawn as too much could cause scorching and too little might do nothing at all.

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Our FREE product guide has application rates and unit coverage values for each of the SmartLawn products. Please click here to request your free copy if you don’t already have one!


What weight of fertiliser do I need?

Once you know the application rate and the total area that you need to treat, you can quickly work out how much of the product you will need. You can do this for each individual lawn prior to application or for all of your lawns when ordering your fertiliser.

Granulars – application rate (g/sqm) x area (sqm) = quantity needed (g)
Liquids – application rate (ml/sqm) x area (sqm) = quantity needed (ml)

To convert quantity required into kilos (kg) or litres (L) simply divide by 1,000.

Alternatively, you can download our FREE spreadsheets that will work out the quantity required for you. All you need to know is the area of lawn you are going to treat and the recommended application rate which you can find in our Product Guide or on the individual product pages of this website.

Download Fertiliser Weight Calculator (.xls)
Download Fertiliser Volume Calculator (.xls)


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