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Mowing FAQs

As a lawn care professional, you’ll know the importance of mowing when it comes to getting that lawn looking it’s best! Some lawn care companies do offer mowing services, but if you do not then here are some FAQs that you can pass on to your customers so that they can keep the lawn looking it’s best when you’re not there.

How high should I cut?

Lawns should not be cut too short as this can weaken the grass and allow weeds and moss to take over. The general rule is to never take more than 1/3 off the leaf in one go. If your lawn appears to have pale patches after mowing then you are cutting too low too soon.

There are certain times of the year when the lawn should be left to grow a bit longer than usual. The first is in Winter. During the colder months the growth will slow down and mowing will not be needed very often (but you can still mow as long as it’s not frosty or snowing!). Allowing the leaves to grow a bit longer will enable the lawn to capture more light and produce more energy to help it fight diseases.

The second time to let it grow a bit longer is in the summer when rain is scarce and temperatures are exceeding 25°C on a regular basis. The longer leaves will help the lawn keep moisture in and the reduced mowing will limit the stress helping it stay greener for longer.

How often should I mow?

Generally, the more often you can mow the better! You do not always have to take much off. Centre courts at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club are mown most days but they may only take 1-2mm off at a time.

The minimum amount of mowing for spring and autumn is once a week, sometimes twice a week if a fertiliser has been applied. Growth will slow in the winter and summer so mowing can be reduced to once every other week, or once a month in the winter (weather permitting). If you see the grass flowering in the spring then you are probably not mowing often enough.

How sharp do the blades have to be?

Sharp blades produce a cleaner cut and a better finish; so the sharper the better! Rotary blades may need sharpening once a month depending on the size of the lawn. Cylinder mowers are usually best sharpened by a professional so it’s best to contact your local service centre and see what they recommend.

Hover mowers with plastic blades are best avoided if possible!

What else should I do?

Move your lawn furniture around every few days as it can block light to the lawn and create yellow or thinning patches.

To finish off that perfect cut, trim around the edges with a strimmer or lawn trimmers. This will make it look neat and tidy, especially where the lawn meets a patio or border.

Lastly, mow in different directions! Most people tend to mow in exactly the same pattern each time thinking it will get them better stripes, this is not the case. For the health of the grass, you should mow in a different direction each time. Stripes can be achieved by using a cylinder mower or a mower with a roller or brush on the back.

One thought on “Mowing FAQs

  1. Jacob Settle says:

    Basic lawn maintenance consists of mowing, edging, and trimming. Often, bush and hedge trimming is offered as an extra service, but it’s more time consuming and requires more manual dexterity than mowing.


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