Understanding the MSDS – Is this product hazardous?

“Are your fertilisers hazardous?”

For the majority of SmartLawn fertiliser, the answer is no, however, there are some materials that we use that do carry warnings. All of this is detailed in the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which for our products can be found here:

All MSDS in the UK must follow the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) regulations and have a standard 16 heading layout.

While the whole document contains important information on every aspect of the products, from handling and storage to ecological information, the major hazards are listed in section two: Hazards identification.

This section will give you the information on what hazards are present and highlight the precautions that need to be taking when using and storing the product.
The pictograms in the bright red box make it easy to see if there are any major warnings you need to be aware of.


Another of the important sections of an MSDS is Section 8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection. This section details all the recommended protective equipment needed when dealing with the product.


It is always important to review every section of the MSDS and take necessary steps when using a new product, including performing a risk assessment.

Any relevant hazard pictograms and warnings must also be present on the label on the fertiliser packaging so you and anyone else can always see what precautions should be taken.

For further advice on what to do with pets (and children) see our blog post here:


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