Success with turf

Turf is a brilliant invention, it allows landscapers and gardeners to create an instant lawn that will quickly finish off any garden project and the results are usually pretty spectacular. Turf is expensive though, mistakes can be costly; so here are our top tips for getting the best result from your turfing efforts.

Before you start: Do your preparation

Aside from the usual preparation measures, you must consider whether there is anything that will affect the growth of this new lawn. Often you will be replacing an existing lawn if this is the case you need to find out why the old lawn failed as it could eventually happen to the new lawn too. Check the soil condition, overhanging trees and shrubs, how the lawn is cared for, how the lawn is used and what sunlight levels it is getting. If weeds were the problem then have they been sufficiently dealt with?

Don’t buy cheap turf

Spend money on good quality turf from a reputable (and preferably local) turf grower. The turf will be healthier on arrival and will establish much quicker. Ideally, the turf would have been cut less than 24 hours before laying.

Fertilise your soil… in the right way

Fertiliser can be used with turf in one of two ways:
1. Apply to the soil and rake over before laying the turf. This will encourage roots to grow into the soil looking for nutrients. SmartLawn SeedStarter is ideal for this.
2. Apply on top of the turf after the turf has established to provide nutrients for ongoing growth and health. SmartLawn AutumnGreen or SmartLawn DroughtSafe are good choices for this.

Give it plenty of water

Newly laid turf dries out very quickly and this will prevent root growth. Even in the spring and autumn when we usually get plenty of rain, it’s a good idea to water once a day until the turf has established.

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