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Options for early spring lawn treatments

It’s the start of a new year and you will probably be taking on some new lawns this season; the winter has been wet and many potential customers will be starting to realise that their lawn needs some extra special treatment. Whether you run a professional lawn treatment or gardening company, there is an early spring fertiliser in the SmartLawn range that suits you.

SmartLawn First & Last

The original early spring lawn fertiliser, so named because it can be your first and last treatment of the year!

First & Last is a plain and simple fertiliser that contains low amounts of nitrogen (N), this is important because forcing grass growth in the cold months can increase the chance of lawn diseases. First & Last is ideal for treatments as early as January providing that there is no frost or snow expected. The nutrient levels in this fertiliser are enough to colour up the lawn for a few weeks until you return to carry out your main spring treatment. If moss is a problem in the lawn you can also buy First & Last with 6%Fe to help keep it at bay.

  • Low level input for controlled growth
  • Option for moss blackening
  • 4-6 weeks longevity

SmartLawn Stretch

Stretch is the newest addition to the SmartLawn range, it is the first product in the range to to have a longevity of 6 months. It is high in nitrogen, but could still be applied in January because our new coating technology (Nutrilong V180) prevents the bulk of nitrogen being release until the soil temperature warms up. This makes the product an excellent choice for those that offer lawn treatments in addition to their gardening services; the fertiliser can be applied in the quieter period before the spring busy season.

  • Save time in the main growing season
  • Temperature-controlled nitrogen release
  • Up to 6 months longevity

SmartLawn Ultimate

Ultimate is the ultimate spring lawn fertiliser. It is designed for application in the spring once the soil has warmed up and all risk of frost and snow have gone. The fertiliser will cause lush green growth in the lawn and will continue to feed the lawn for three months. The added magnesium (MgO) will improve the lawn’s colour and the added calcium (CaO) will aid disease resistance in the autumn. This fertiliser will thoroughly wake up the lawn and impress your customers!

  • High-input for lush green growth
  • Up to 3 months longevity
  • Ideal for application in main spring season

SmartLawn AutumnGreen

Although this product is named AutumnGreen is it ideally suited for use as a mid-range spring fertiliser! It can be applied from February providing that the risk of frost and snow is over. If you have found in the past that high-nitrogen fertilisers cause too much growth in the spring, and your customers complain of having to mow too much, then AutumnGreen is for you.

  • Mid-level input fertiliser
  • Suitable for use in the autumn and spring
  • Up to 3 months longevity

If you are confused or need advice on choosing the right fertiliser for your business please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the sales team. We can work with you to design the right treatment plan. Call +44(0)1963 364788 or email

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