How to encourage customers to water their lawns

You can fertilise a lawn with any amount of fancy fertilisers, but in a very hot and dry summer nothing will stop the grass from turning brown except water. If you haven’t done so already, right now is the time to start telling your customers to water their lawns.

Before you begin

Want to know what to tell your customers? Check out this blog post from 2017… Watering lawns: Tips to pass on to your customers

Check for local restrictions on hosepipe use

Contact customers directly

If you operate a mailing list, send your customers a dedicated email with your recommendations for watering their lawns. Explain why they need to water and how best to do it. You should also include a note about what to expect if they choose not to water their lawn (or if there is a restriction on hosepipes put in place at a later date).

If you have customers that do not respond to emails, you could print a small note and put it through their letter box after their next treatment. Vulnerable or elderly customer may not be able to get hold of watering equipment at this time (due to COVID-19) so you may like to offer your help in sourcing it for them.

Broadcast your message

Use your social media accounts to broadcast your message to customers. You can give watering tips or simple instructions, tailor the message to suit your customer base and your brand. Keep it short and sweet. Schedule a repeat post for a couple of weeks’ time to remind them.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tik Tok… whatever platform you are already using to engage existing and potential customers.

Show them the true cost

Watering their lawn may be cheaper than the customer thinks. The UK Lawn Care Association has a very useful tool on it’s website that your customers can use to calculate their watering costs. If you are a UKLCA member you can also put this tool on your own website!

Make a plan for next year

It may already be too late for many lawns but next year doesn’t have to be the same! Make a note in your marketing plan for the start of next year to begin mentioning the subject to your customers in your communications. Make watering the focus of your messages in April and many will have purchased and begun to use the equipment by mid-May.

More information

For more information on drought in lawns, do have a look at these previous blog posts…

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The GreenBest team are here to help if you need any advice on lawn care. If you need more information on suitable products to use at this time of year or what to do with those lawns in trouble then please get in touch. Email us at or call us on 01963 364788.

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