How can I avoid my customers’ lawns getting red thread disease?

Red Thread disease is extremely common in the UK. Warm and wet conditions such as those in early Autumn are perfect for red thread but it can also be a problem in the spring and summer!

Red Thread disease is not fatal for lawns

The first thing to know is that this disease will not kill the lawn. You will see patches appear in the lawn that look like they are dying but in most cases, the grass will grow back after the fungi have done their thing.

Even though the lawn will bounce back, red thread is still an aesthetic problem and you will have calls from concerned customers. Here are some ideas for avoiding this situation altogether.

Don’t bother with fungicide

Many ask if treating red thread with a fungicide will prevent it returning. Sadly, this is unlikely. Also, if you are using a generic fungicide it could increase the chance of other, more serious, fungal diseases taking hold at a later date.

Keep the lawn well-fed

Red thread is a disease that takes advantage of grass when it is under stress, this explains why summer breakouts are common after a long-dry spell followed by a good period of rain. To help a lawn avoid red thread, keep up to date with lawn fertiliser treatments. If you have a lawn that is particularly susceptible perhaps increase the application rate of your fertiliser slightly (consult your supplier if unsure about this).

Biostimulant products such as SmartLawn Seaweed Extract or SmartLawn Onyx Liquid can be used to improve the overall health of the lawn and can be used before red thread appears or afterwards to encourage faster recovery.

Don’t neglect mechanical treatments

Fungal diseases thrive on lawns that have poor air circulation as they provide the perfect conditions for growth; warm and wet. Encourage customers to continue with aeration and scarification treatments in the spring or autumn, this will help reduce thatch and make conditions less favourable for red thread.

Manage customer expectations

In some years you will find that red thread is completely unavoidable no matter what preparations you make. Trust me, when I say that your lawns will not be the only to suffer and many other professionals will experience the same. As soon as you notice it in one of your lawns you could notify other customers so that they know what to expect. This could be a simple email, text message, printed note or a phone call.

I hope these suggestions are of help to you and your business! If you would like more information about how fertilisers can improve lawn health all year round please get in touch. We offer a complete range of lawn fertiliser products in addition to the fabulous nutrition advice we provide.

Call our sales office on 01963364788 today or email

(Featured image taken by Twitter user @_LawnKing_)

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