Help! My customer’ lawn is flooded, what do I do?

Our winters seem to be getting wetter every year, it affects some areas particularly badly. Some of your customers may have lawns that are currently under water, I hope this article will be of some help to you when answering your customers’ questions.
In this article I will discuss seasonally flooded lawns only, those that only flood in cases of extreme weather.

We are fortunate in the UK that most flooding happens in the colder months of the year; this is because dormant lawns are less likely to be affected by a bit of temporary water-logging than actively growing lawns. Most lawns will cope fairly well with a bit of flooding so the first thing to do it urge your customer not to panic.

If the water has gone within a week then the lawn should bounce back well without too much extra work required. If the water is around longer than this then it will be starved of air and will probably have started to die back. If the water is quite dirty then it will also have blocked the light causing the lawn to yellow.

Compaction may be an issue depending on how deep the water is. This will affect the lawn’s health in the long-term and will need to be addressed with hollow-tine aeration and topdressing. Avoid using granular fertilisers containing high amounts of iron sulphate if the lawn is compacted as they can lead to black-layer which is detrimental to the lawn.

Your flooded lawn check list…

  1. Wait for the water to drain away completely. There is no work can be done on the lawn whilst it is flooded that will help the long-term health of the lawn.
  2. Once fully drained, offer an aeration treatment to the customer to relieve compaction and allow air into the soil again. Hollow tining is best here, followed by a top-dress with quality peat-free loam.
  3. Consider applying a decent spring feed such as SmartLawn Ultimate to the lawn to replace leached nutrients and advise the customer to keep to a frequent mowing schedule to stimulate growth of the lawn.
  4. If the lawn has thinned in some areas you can overseed. Lightly rake the area and sprinkle a hardy seed mix.

It will not take long for the lawn to get back on track and you will be able to return to your normal treatment schedule. Keeping up with regular treatments and lawn maintenance tasks throughout the year will help the lawn to fare better should it be flooded again next year.

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