What is a professional lawn fertiliser?

Did you know that GreenBest has been manufacturing lawn fertiliser for UK lawn care professionals for over 20 years? Over the years we have listened to our customers and worked with them to build a range of professional products that help create the green, healthy lawns that their customers want.

So what, exactly, makes a fertiliser suitable for ‘professional’ use?

It comes directly from the manufacturer

When you buy a professional lawn fertiliser you are usually buying directly from the manufacturer. This means that the salesperson you deal with will have in-depth knowledge of the ingredients used and can point you in the right direction depending on what you hope to achieve with the treatment.

It’s highly concentrated

Fertilisers sold at garden centres tend to be low-analysis products, this makes them safer and easy to apply with basic equipment. Professionals need access to fertiliser with higher concentrations that feed the lawn for longer periods. They will have expensive equipment that helps them apply the fertiliser quickly and evenly ensuring excellent results each time.

It uses the latest technology

Professional lawn fertiliser should make use of the latest technology to make them more efficient and less damaging to the environment. Top-quality controlled-release nutrients offer reliability and longevity, this leads to happy customers!

It comes in bulk quantities

Lawn fertiliser for professional use is never sold in small packets. Lawn treatment companies often have thousands of square meters to treat each season, they need fertiliser delivered in large quantities at an affordable price. Our fertilisers come in 20kg bags which make them easy to lift and keep in the van.

The range is comprehensive

Professional lawn treatment companies need to have access to a range of fertilisers rather than a set list of two or three products. The list of fertilisers in the SmartLawn range is comprehensive, yet not so long that it appears confusing. We even supply the range in two different granule sizes as many customers still value the choice. The expert sales team are also on hand to advise and offer something unique if required.

Your needs are met

There are hundreds of lawn treatment companies all over the UK and they all have different needs and aims. Whether it’s delivery options, payment terms, packaging requirements or bespoke formulations; your supplier should be able to help with all of these.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the sales team about our professional lawn fertiliser please call us on 01963364788 or send an email to sales@greenbest.co.uk.

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