Success with turf

Turf is a brilliant invention, it allows landscapers and gardeners to create an instant lawn that will quickly finish off any garden project and the results are usually pretty spectacular. Turf is expensive though, mistakes can be costly; so here are our top tips for getting the best result from your turfing efforts. Before you … Continue reading Success with turf

Understanding the MSDS – Is this product hazardous?

"Are your fertilisers hazardous?" For the majority of SmartLawn fertiliser, the answer is no, however, there are some materials that we use that do carry warnings. All of this is detailed in the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which for our products can be found here: All MSDS in the UK must follow … Continue reading Understanding the MSDS – Is this product hazardous?

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Mowing FAQs

As a lawn care professional, you'll know the importance of mowing when it comes to getting that lawn looking it's best! Some lawn care companies do offer mowing services, but if you do not then here are some FAQs that you can pass on to your customers so that they can keep the lawn looking … Continue reading Mowing FAQs