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Lithofin BERO

Rust Remover and Stone Cleaner

Concentrated product to remove iron staining especially on ferrous hard stones such as Serizzo, Calanca, Cresciano etc.

Long-lasting effect
Produces no fumes

Directions for use
1 . Dilute 1 :7 with water, apply evenly to surface.
2. Allow to work for 4-8 hours. In case of stubborn discolouration allow up to 24 hours. Protect the surface from contact with water during this time.
3. Rinse surface with water
4. Repeat process if necessary.
Do not use on polished marble, or lime stone, aluminium, zinc etc.

Lithofin Bero rust remover remove iron stains on patio and path
1 Litre [Treats 7-15 m2]
Lithofin Bero MSDS
Lithofin Bero Tech Sheet

Lithofin Rust-EX

Acid Free Rust Stain Remover

To remove rust from natural and artificial stone, quarry tiles, concrete etc.
Acid free – also suitable for marble and limestone.

Directions for use
1 . Apply a small amount of product to the stain and spread with a brush. Product colour will change to violet as part of the reaction.
2. Brush and rinse off with plenty of water after a maximum of 10 minutes.
3. Repeat process if necessary. Remaining violet discolouration will fade over time.

Lithofin Rust-EX acid free rust remover remove iron stains on patio and path
500 ml [Treats 10 m2]
Lithofin Rustex MSDS
Lithofin Rustex Tech Sheet