Smartlawn lawn fertilisers are designed as a comprehensive range of treatments for the professional lawn care business. Formulated for efficient application and consistent even results. The lawn fertiliser range covers lawn nutrition across the seasons and for all types of lawns. We are a UK fertiliser manufacturer for lawn care.

Ultimate Spring Summer Lawn Fertiliser with XCU controlled release nitrogen manufacturer supplier


The ultimate spring/summer lawn fertiliser with slow release nitrogen 22-5-10 +2.5% MgO +2.5%CaO [50% of N from Nutrilong V90] A premium spring and summer fertiliser suitable for use on any domestic lawn. This particular blend is extremely popular in the spring. Ultimate is formulated with Nutrilong V90 slow release nitrogen to maintain lush growth for … Continue reading Ultimate

Drought Safe Summer Lawn Fertiliser 3 month controlled release XCU Organic Supplier


DroughtSafe Lawn Fertiliser For Summer Applications 19-3-9 [100% of N from Nutrilong V90 and Organic sources] Our best-selling summer lawn fertiliser for use on any domestic lawn. Drought Safe is formulated for application in the summer when high temperatures and lack of rainfall prevent the application of most other lawn fertilisers. Since DroughtSafe lawn fertiliser is … Continue reading DroughtSafe

AutumnGreen autumn lawn fertiliser manufacturer supplier


AutumnGreen Autumn Lawn Fertiliser 10-5-10 +2%MgO [50% of N from Nutrilong V90] A premium lawn fertiliser perfect for application in the autumn to prepare the lawn for the cold months ahead and to help prevent red thread fungal attacks. AutumnGreen is formulated with medium levels of fast and slow-release nitrogen to maintain green colour through … Continue reading AutumnGreen

First and Last Autumn Winter Lawn Fertiliser Supplier

First and Last

First and Last Autumn to Spring Lawn Fertiliser 6-5-10 (+6%Fe) All variations of First & Last lawn fertiliser are perfect for use from late autumn through to winter and early spring. The formulation will support root development and increase plant strength for better disease resistance during the colder months. Variations containing iron (Fe) are perfect … Continue reading First and Last

Black and Green High Iron and Magnesium Lawn Fertiliser Supplier

Black & Green

Black & Green High Iron and Magnesium Lawn Fertiliser 12%Fe 5%MgO Black & Green has the highest iron content of all the SmartLawn fertilisers. Its high level of iron causes moss blackening and intense green-up even at normal application rates. The product also contains a high level of magnesium to support chlorophyll production for an … Continue reading Black & Green

Seed Starter fertiliser for new lawn seeding

Seed Starter

Seed Starter fertiliser for new lawns Applying SmartLawn Seed Starter fertiliser after seeding or laying turf will give a new lawn the best start possible. Seed Starter fertiliser has a variety of applications and can be used wherever new lawns are seeded or laid. The product’s high phosphorus content encourages strong root growth. Low levels … Continue reading Seed Starter

Liquid Iron

Liquid Iron 6%Fe Fertiliser 6%Fe +1%Mn +2%N SmartLawn’s Liquid Iron Fertiliser offers an easy option for winter lawn treatments. The added manganese and nitrogen help to further improve the green-up response. Simply add the required amount to your knapsack, fill with water and start spraying. No dissolving required. Available in: 20L For green-up: 300ml per … Continue reading Liquid Iron

Soluble iron fertiliser supplier for lawn care

Soluble Iron

Soluble 20% Iron Fertiliser for Lawn Care Our soluble iron fertiliser is made from ferrous sulphate heptahydrate and offers very good value for money. It dissolves easily, even in cold water, and can then be applied to the lawn like any other liquid iron product for rapid green up effect and hardening. Higher applications will … Continue reading Soluble Iron

Onyx liquid biostimulant fertiliser supplier for lawn care

Onyx Liquid

Onyx™ organic bio-stimulant lawn fertiliser Onyx liquid fertiliser is an organic, plant-based biostimulant that is rich in organic matter and amino acids and also delivers significant levels of nitrogen, potassium and trace elements. Onyx is a dark black liquid and is sweet smelling. It helps to create a healthy soil environment which leads to a … Continue reading Onyx Liquid

Liquid seaweed biostimulant fertiliser supplier

Seaweed Extract

Liquid Seaweed Extract bio-stimulant fertiliser for lawn care Seaweed has been used as a fertiliser for centuries and, in addition to supplying nutrients, is known to have many beneficial (bio-stimulant) effects on grass. We supply seaweed extract liquid manufactured from Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested from the west coast of Ireland. Our bio-stimulant seaweed fertiliser products contain … Continue reading Seaweed Extract

Lawn Wetting Agent

Non-ionic wetting agent for lawn care Wetting Agents (Wetters) are surfactants. They reduce the surface tension of water, helping it to spread further and ‘wet’ surfaces. A wetting agent enables the water to penetrate the soil faster, moving it away from the sward and deeper into the root-zone. Our non-ionic wetting agent has been developed … Continue reading Lawn Wetting Agent