Black & Green

Black & Green High Iron and Magnesium Lawn Fertiliser

12%Fe 5%MgO

Black & Green has the highest iron content of all the SmartLawn fertilisers.
Its high level of iron causes moss blackening and intense green-up even at normal application rates. The product also contains a high level of magnesium to support chlorophyll production for an intense green lawn colour. The homogeneous granules mean that even colour can be achieved even when applied at the lower rate.

Black & Green can be applied to the lawn any time of year providing there is no risk of frost. Recommended application times are September to March. The product has a longevity of 4-6 weeks.

Black & Green is perfect for application after scarification to blacken any remaining moss. When applied as part of a yearly treatment programme, this product can be used to maintain a beautiful green lawn all year round.

Application Rate:25-35 g/sqm
Unit Size: 20kg
Unit Coverage:570-800 sqm
SmartLawn Black & Green MSDS

warning triangle Warning: products containing ferrous sulphate
will stain hard surfaces such as patios, decks
and driveways. Always use with caution.

Black and Green High Iron and Magnesium Lawn Fertiliser 4-6 week longevity 1-2mm granulesBlack % Green Iron + Magnesium
Longevity 4-6 weeks
Granule size: 1-2mm