DroughtSafe Lawn Fertiliser For Summer Applications

19-3-9 [100% of N from Nutrilong V90 and Organic sources]

Our best-selling summer lawn fertiliser for use on any domestic lawn. Drought Safe is formulated for application in the summer when high temperatures and lack of rainfall prevent the application of most other lawn fertilisers.

NUTRILONG V90 Controlled Release Fertiliser 400Since DroughtSafe lawn fertiliser is formulated without any fast release nitrogen, the nutrient release pattern is evenly distributed throughout the 3 month period. The coated nitrogen (Nutrilong V90) allows for slow release once the rain returns.

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DroughtSafe is made with our unique granular biostimulant, Onyx. The high level of amino acids in this material provide relief to stressed out lawns. It also nurtures the beneficial soil microbes which help keep the lawn strong and healthy all through the year.

DroughtSafe also contains potassium (K), a macronutrient essential for efficient water regulation within grass plants.

DroughtSafe can also be used in the spring!
This product is perfect for use in the spring if you have been quite short of rain. It is also suitable if your customers are looking for treatments that will not cause heavy grass growth as all of the nitrogen is slow-release.

Organic Content
Controlled Growth

Safe for use on lawns where dogs, cats and children play.

Application Rate: 25-35 g/sqm
Unit Size: 20kg
Unit Coverage: 570-800 sqm
SmartLawn DroughtSafe MSDS

Product Drought Safe Mini 2 Fertiliser Drought Safe Lawn Fertiliser supplier summer lawn treatment 3 month controlled release 2-3mm graded granules


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