Seed Starter

Seed Starter fertiliser for new lawns

Applying SmartLawn Seed Starter fertiliser after seeding or laying turf will give a new lawn the best start possible. Seed Starter fertiliser has a variety of applications and can be used wherever new lawns are seeded or laid. The product’s high phosphorus content encourages strong root growth. Low levels of fast and slow release nitrogen encourage strong shoots to develop and support healthy growth of the new plants for at least 3 months.
Magnesium is also included to facilitate production of chlorophyll leading to strong healthy plants.

Application Rate: 25-35 g/sqm
Unit Size: 20kg
Unit Coverage: 570-800 sqm
SmartLawn Seed Starter MSDS

Seed Starter Fertiliser 3 months longevity 1-2mm granulesSeed Starter Fertiliser
3 Month Longevity
Granules size: 1-2mm