Lawn Wetting Agent

Non-ionic wetting agent for lawn care


Wetting Agents (Wetters) are surfactants. They reduce the surface tension of water, helping it to spread further and ‘wet’ surfaces. A wetting agent enables the water to penetrate the soil faster, moving it away from the sward and deeper into the root-zone.

Our non-ionic wetting agent has been developed for use on amenity grass but also works very well on domestic lawns. It is specially designed to help prevent the occurrence of localised dry patch (LDP) which can inhibit healthy grass growth in the summer months.

For best results throughout the summer, it is recommended that you start applying wetting agent in the early spring as a preventative measure. Apply with a knapsack sprayer or watering can and use plenty of water to ensure the product is washed evenly and thoroughly into the soil. This product can be tank mixed with other fertilisers and chemicals, but we recommend you check compatibility with a “jam jar” test prior to use.

Reduces dry patch in the summer
Increases applied fertiliser efficiency
Encourages quick & even uptake of rain/water
Low foam formulation
Restores colour faster
Long lasting residual effect
Fully biodegradable

Monthly Programme/ Curative treatment
Initial application: 200-400ml per 100sqm
Subsequent monthly applications (if needed): 100-200ml per 100sqm
Weekly watering is highly recommended

90 Day Programme/ Preventative treatment
Initial application 500ml per 100sqm.
Subsequent application 90 days later (if needed): 500ml per 100sqm

Application Rate: 2-5 ml/sqm
Unit Coverage:
1L = 200-500 sqm
10L = 0.2-1 hectares

SmartLawn Wetting Agent MSDS