Liquid Iron

Liquid Iron 6%Fe FertiliserLiquid Iron 20L Jerry Can

6%Fe +1%Mn +2%N

SmartLawn’s Liquid Iron Fertiliser offers an easy option for winter lawn treatments.
The added manganese and nitrogen help to further improve the green-up response.
Simply add the required amount to your knapsack, fill with water and start spraying. No dissolving required.

Available in: 20L

For green-up:
300ml per 100sqm in a knapsack of water(30 litres per hectare)

For green-up + blackening:
900ml per 100sqm in a knapsack of water(90 litres per hectare)

1 x 20 litre will treat up to 6,600sqm

warning triangle Warning: products containing ferrous sulphate
will stain hard surfaces such as patios, decks
and driveways. Always use with caution.

SmartLawn Liquid Iron MSDS