Soluble Iron

Soluble 20% Iron Fertiliser for Lawn Care

Our soluble iron fertiliser is made from ferrous sulphate heptahydrate and offers very good value for money. It dissolves easily, even in cold water, and can then be applied to the lawn like any other liquid iron product for rapid green up effect and hardening. Higher applications will blacken moss prior to scarification.

soluble iron 2

SmartLawn soluble iron is a blue/green crystalline powder

1 x 20 kg will treat up to 25,000sqm (2.5 hectares)

For green-up: 80-100g per 100sqm in a knapsack of water (8-10kgs per hectare)

For green-up + blackening: 240-320g per 100sqm in a knapsack of water (24-32 kgs per hectare)

warning triangle Warning: products containing ferrous sulphate
will stain hard surfaces such as patios, decks
and driveways. Always use with caution.

SmartLawn Soluble Iron MSDS