Success with turf

Turf is a brilliant invention, it allows landscapers and gardeners to create an instant lawn that will quickly finish off any garden project and the results are usually pretty spectacular. Turf is expensive though, mistakes can be costly; so here are our top tips for getting the best result from your turfing efforts. Before you … Continue reading Success with turf

Why do fertiliser labels advise against use in frosty conditions?

The instructions on the label of most fertilisers advise against use in frost conditions, you may have often wondered why we put this, and what would happen if you ignored the advice. I hope to answer these questions here... What does the label say? SmartLawn fertiliser labels advise against the application of product "if frost … Continue reading Why do fertiliser labels advise against use in frosty conditions?

Liquid vs. granular fertilisers

I often get asked whether it is possible to use liquid fertilisers instead of granular fertilisers in professional lawn care. The answer to this question is yes, but there are some important factors to consider before dumping your spreaders. In this article, we think about the possible benefits and drawbacks of liquid fertilisers. Nutrient availability Liquid … Continue reading Liquid vs. granular fertilisers